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Project Name : Implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

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Drug International Limited
Address            : 17, Green Road, Dhaka- 1205, Bangladesh
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Clients Background:
Drug International Limited is dedicated to ensuring that its pharmaceutical products are manufactured with the highest-quality raw materials available. The company is best known for its innovative products. Drug International Limited has also directed much of its resources to the research and development purpose.

For Drug International, there are many industry tools available to help her. But perhaps one of the most overlooked applications is also one of the most effective ways to rapidly identify and track every single raw material from receipt through processing, packaging, and shipping, to the exact customer location: an integrated, pharmaceutical-specific ERP software system.
While it might appear onerous and costly at first glance, integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for pharmaceutical manufacturers can effortlessly track lot properties while optimizing and improving other business processes such as:

  • Batch production
  • Sales and distribution
  • Budget
  • Inventory control
  • Purchasing
  • Quality assurance
  • Accounting and financials
  • Human resource
  • Marketing functions
  • Access management
  • Regulatory reporting

While implementing ERP, ATI personnel handled various complexities like-

1. Complexity of Projects
Goal setting was the prime task before implementation of ERP. Personnel of the same department harbor individual opinion regarding requirement depending on the pattern of job nature. So ATI personnel sat with staffs, listened each and everyone`s requirement so that every one got equal importance and came to a common point.
For too large projects, capabilities pushed beyond the level. But ATI Limited has the experience of implementing large projects locally and internationally. We correctly estimated the size and scope of the project. We figured out unnecessary requirements, informed the committee and slightly changed the existing pattern.
Conflicts of people and time are the two vital factors played a great role while implementing ERP. We carefully judged every people involved in ERP and gave our suggestion. We really wanted spontaneous participation from every walk of people. Fear of using new technology among the staffs caused a great hindrance to implement new technology. So we gave sufficient training to overcome the barrier. One to one man training was arranged for the few people. Finally we realized that people fearing of new technology became more eager to learn new technology at one stage and became more active to implement the technology.
Lack of Leadership leads to failure of project. We expected strong leadership attitude from the committee at the eve of the project. But soon we realized that leaders took long time for almost every task as they had gone through a bitter experience with the old technology. But very soon they start to rely upon us with full confidence when we showed our competency. Finally leaders demonstrated strong leadership attitude which helped us to go further within a very short span of time.
System users had the problem of communicating with us properly. Some people loved to use local dialect. Though they tried a lot to use standard Bengali language , it was to easy to give up dialects in a day. Either they had to give up using dialects or we had to learn dialects. Finally we came to a win- win situation. We both tried to understand each others language.
We also faced antagonistic behavior from few staffs. They knew that computerized system would change their workflow. There will be more accountability and credibility if new system is imposed. They would not be able to take advantages of old technology and adopt unfair means. We accepted the reality.

2. Complexity of Technologies
ATI personnel found that it was badly needed to shift old technology to new technology. Previously, Drug International was using FOX PRO software which is really out date and database was not supporting huge amount of data. System was very slow.
Besides there were no ERD or related requirement specification available to IT staffs to overview the current system.
So, at first stage it was really hard where to start from. Our IT personnel investigated the existing computerized system, sat with the staffs of the pharmaceutical company to sketch out current system.
Further we discussed every pros and cons of the existing system so that they can realize what was really needed and the importance of implementing ERP.
It was not easy to adopt a new technology. We can not through away company`s old data nor can we store previous data under old technology. We felt the importance of data migration.
Drug International was using outdated server that really did not support our software solution. Operating system should have to be changed for better security and to match the new technology. We had nothing to do but tell the committee regarding this issue. Finally Drug International authority agreed to buy a reliable server to match the software.
Also we knew that high maintenance cost of the proposed technology could be a reason of the project failure so we went through every alternatives of technology that suit the organization best.

To deliver our ERP, we focused on key factors. Key factors include:

  • On Time
  • Within Budget
  • Reliable System
  • Meet goals.

Finally by the help of Drug International personnel, we were able to successfully implement ERP and still now it is running.

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